What is HippoMD?
HippoMD is a mobile app that dispatches doctors directly to your doorstep. HippoMD is the modern day doctor's housecall.

What mobile platforms is HippoMD available on?
HippoMD is currently available for iPhone (iOS8.1+). An app for Android devices is currently in the works! The HippoMD app is available in the App Store.

How much does it cost to use HippoMD?
The HippoMD housecall visit is 100% covered if you have a valid Provincial Insurance Plan (PIP) such as OHIP, or if you are a refugee with valid coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP), or if you are a member of the Canadian Arms Forces with valid coverage. If you are not covered by any of the above plans, the visit will be $242+HST for weekdays and $364+HST for weekends/holiday per patient seen that is charged to a major credit card.

In terms of using the app to request a HippoMD visit, there is no service charge, and is free.

Who are the HippoMD doctors?
HippoMD doctors are all licensed family and emergency doctors in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. All doctors have their own private practice and operate independently of HippoMD.

Where is HippoMD available?
Our public beta launch area is currently midtown Toronto. We operate south of York Mills Rd./Wilson Ave., East of Bathurst St., West of Bayview Ave., and North of Dupont Ave. We’re starting small and growing fast, one step at a time.

When is HippoMD available?
For now, HippoMD is available during weekday evenings and weekends.

What if I already have a family doctor?
If you have a family doctor, you are encouraged to consult with them before using HippoMD. HippoMD Doctors are not meant to be a replacement for your family doctor.

How do I request a HippoMD housecall visit?
All HippoMD requests must be made through the mobile app. Before making a request, you must create an account, and set up a profile. Creating an account and profile requires your full name, date of birth, gender, valid email address, and valid cell phone number. To request a HippoMD visit, you will need to provide a valid provincial health card number or a valid credit card information if you are not covered under an applicable health insurance plan.

Who can I request a HippoMD visit for?
You can request a HippoMD visit for yourself or a minor under 16.

I have a health card from Quebec. Why do I have to pay even though Canada has universal health care?
Reciprocal billing agreements between the provinces (except for Quebec) allow physicians to submit claims to the patient’s home province for services provided while the patient is out-of-province. Quebec does not participate in the inter-provincial reciprocal billing agreement for physician services.  If you are a patient from Quebec and you are seeking HippoMD service in a province outside of Quebec, you will be charged the standard credit card rate.  You can then seek reimbursement from the Quebec Health Plan, and/or private insurance, if applicable.

Can a doctor see more than one person at the same address?
Yes. If you would like the HippoMD doctor to see additional patients during their Visit, you must let the physician know when they arrive. These additional patients can be of any age; however, they must either hold a valid provincial health card or pay the physician the Visit Fee directly via cash or credit card.

When will the doctor arrive?
After you request a HippoMD, a doctor will arrive at your specified location as soon as possible.  You can see the estimated arrival time in the App, and the information will be updated in real-time depending on the doctor’s location, queue length, weather and traffic conditions.

Can the HippoMD doctors write prescriptions?
HippoMD doctors will provide you with a prescription for medications that are deemed medically appropriate/necessary.  Please note that physicians WILL NOT prescribe narcotics, benzodiazepines or other restricted-access medications.

What if I need additional tests?
If the HippoMD doctor believes that you require additional bloodwork, tests, or referral to a specialist, he/she will provide a letter for you to take to your family physician to arrange for further workups.

How do I request a copy of my patient chart?
Please note that we do not collect your patient chart and that your chart remains with and is the sole responsibility of your HippoMD doctor. If you need a copy of your chart, we would be happy to facilitate obtaining your chart for you from your HippoMD doctor. Please email us at records@hippomd.ca for instructions.

Is there anything that HippoMD Doctors may charge me for?
Physicians may charge you for sick notes, forms or other paperwork at their discretion.

What personal information does HippoMD require for me to use the app?
To set up an account, all you need is a valid email address, cell phone number, name, gender and date of birth. If you’d like, you may enter your health card information while creating an account, but the choice is yours, and you can always add it later.

To request a visit, we will need your health card information (if you are covered by a valid Canadian health insurance plan such as OHIP), and this is to ensure that your health card information is valid before your request is put through to a HippoMD doctor. The app also asks for your ‘Chief Complaint’ (i.e. reason for visit), and while entering such information is extremely helpful for the HippoMD doctor and will facilitate a smooth visit, it is by no means mandatory. You can skip this screen, or you can type “Please call me”; in either case, your HippoMD doctor will give you a call to inquire about your Chief Complaint before their visit.

How is my personal information kept safe and private?

The personal information required to create an account is only used to administer and maintain your account. The personal information required to request a visit is only used for the purpose of verifying your health coverage and dispatching a doctor to you. Any personal information associated with a visit request is not disclosed to any doctor except the HippoMD doctor dispatched to see you. Finally, your patient chart is kept solely be your HippoMD doctor in paper form.

All staff at HippoMD are also bound by the appropriate confidentiality agreements.

We use commercially reasonable administrative, technical, and physical measures to safeguard your personal information. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. For data transmission security, we use standard encryption protocols (SSL/HTTPS/WSS) for transmission of information. When your personal information is stored in our systems, it is stored in encrypted form.